January 13, 2021 List

January 13, 2021

Happi Design Contest

Hello students in the CHI community,   While CHI2021 will be online, we are thrilled to announce that the Student Volunteer (SV) happi design contest (a) will still happen, and (b) is officially open! Following early announcements on the CHI...

December 18, 2020

No room for racism at CHI

After the conclusion of the CHI 2021 PC meeting, all associate chairs (ACs) were invited to share their feedback on the virtual program committee (PC) meeting in a shared google document. The intent of this document was to create space for an open, e...

November 30, 2020

Some Stats about CHI 2021 Papers

This blog post is about the current scores of submissions to the Papers Track for SIGCHI 2021 after the completion of the first round of reviews.It is patterned almost directly after a similar post made for the 2019 conference with some small updates...

November 4, 2020

The COVID-19 Situation in Japan: Some Positive Steps

Please refer to this more recent blog post on CHI 2021 which is now an online virtual conference. The following post was written on Nov 4th 2020 prior to the final decision to move CHI 2021 from a hybrid conference to a fully online virtual conferenc...

August 21, 2020

Some Insights on CHI 2021 Paper Lengths

CHI 2021 is eliminating the former strict page limit on full paper submissions. This is due to various reasons, but most importantly the new ACM Publication System (TAPS). TAPS creates more accessible documents and allows delivery of content in diffe...

July 28, 2020

CHI 2021 Website Accessibility

We are trying to make all the aspects of CHI 2021 as accessible as possible to everyone. Making the CHI 2021 conference website accessible is part of that effort. In this blog post, we share what members of the organizing committee have been doing to...

July 6, 2020

Student Volunteering : Lottery Opens

July 6, 2020

Student Volunteering : Lottery Notification

July 6, 2020

Student Volunteering : Happi Design Contest Opens

July 6, 2020

Student Volunteering : Happi Design Contest Closes

July 6, 2020

Student Volunteering : Lottery Closes

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