January 5, 2021 List

January 5, 2021

Trust in Decision

CHI trust and transparency in one community   Our goal as Papers Chairs is to create an exciting CHI program that appeals to people with diverse interests. Although we, the Papers Chairs, are honoured to take on this task, it is not without ...

December 27, 2020

Scheduling 52 mini-CHIs: The CHI 2021 Workshops

Workshops are a crucial part of the CHI experience. As small gatherings, designed to enable sharing and building together, they allow for meeting new colleagues, new collaborators, and in-depth discussion on a topic that attendees know they're intere...

December 24, 2020

Changes to Late-Breaking Work

We are making some changes to the Late-Breaking Work submission process this year, and thought it would be useful to communicate this and the reasons for these changes to the community. There are two main differences in the ways that we’ll be handlin...

December 16, 2020

Authors Tone and Approach

Kindness and respectfulness goes a long way   We just finished the CHI2021 PC meeting which took place starting Wednesday evening, December 9th with an introductory plenary and continuing until Saturday evening, December 12th. During these d...

December 8, 2020

Committee Diversity

Diversity of the Program Committee for 2021   The CHI Committee has sent a questionnaire exploring the current diversity of the community with the hopes of creating a more inclusive and diverse assemblage of members. The data presented in th...

September 23, 2020

Student Volunteers

Become a Student Volunteer   The student volunteer organization is what keeps CHI running smoothly throughout the conference. You must have had student status for at least one semester during the academic year before CHI. We are more than ha...

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