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In case of emergency

This page provides brief information and links to further details in case of an emergency or disaster while you are physically in Japan. If your situation relates to discrimination and harassment you can find the CHI 2021 Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment here.


Emergency phone numbers

  • Ambulance: 119 (English operator is available 24 hours a day.)
  • Fire: 119 (English operator is available 24 hours a day.)
  • Police: 110 (English operator is available 24 hours a day.)



  • There is a Japan Medical System pharmacy (Minatomirai Store) 300m from the Pacifico Yokohama North in Prime Coast (beside the Hotel Vista Premio Yokohama) (9-18.30 Mon-Fri, 9-13.30 Sat, Closed Sunday). “Konbinis" such as the Daily Yamazaki (in the convention center) or the 7-Eleven, Lawson or Family Mart nearby also stock limited daily medications.
  • The Keiyu Hospital Yokohama is diagonally across the street from the Pacifico Yokohama north convention center.
  • This JNTO website has a guide for when you are feeling ill in Japan where you can search for medical institutions (select KANAGAWA for the area Yokohama city is in) along with information on "How to use Medical institutions".


Natural disasters

  • In an earthquake, do not run outside but instead get to the ground and cover your head. Next, if you can safely, take cover under a table or similar protective cover and hold on tight until the shaking passes. Stay away from things that might fall over or break, such as windows. For stronger earthquakes, an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) will be issued via TV, radio and as a distinct mobile phone alarm.
  • If a Tsunami warning is issued, evacuate to a higher elevation or the 3rd floor or higher in a sturdy building immediately.
  • Please visit this Live Japan website for more detailed information on typhoons, earthquakes and tsunami in Japan.
  • The city of Yokohama provides a PDF "Pocket Emergency Guide" you can download.


Other resources

  • Japan Visitor Hotline: 050-3816-2787
    This hotline provides support & assistance for emergencies (accident, illness etc.) or natural disasters and general tourist information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The languages supported are English, Chinese (中文), Korean (한국어) and Japanese (日本語). The Japan Visitor Hotline (050-3816-2787) is operated by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).
  • The Japan Safe Travel twitter account @JapanSafeTravel is also managed by the JNTO and provides foreign visitors safety tips and latest information in case of natural disasters.
  • The JNTO has a multi-lingual Safety Tips website for travellers including details on weather, weather warnings, news, contact lists (e.g. embassies), helpful tips and Japanese communication cards for exchanging information with Japanese people.
  • The JNTO Safety tips app (download for: iOS, Android) is available in languages including Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chines, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepali, Khmer, Burmese and Mongolian. The application includes, earthquake information, weather warning, communication cards, emergency contacts etc. The app states you can set your location to receive push-enabled app alerts.  


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