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Information from Local Chairs

The ACM CHI 2021 local chairs look forward to welcoming you all to Yokohama! Yokohama is located 30 km south of Tokyo and it takes about 30 minutes by train from Tokyo. Yokohama is one of the most exciting cities in Japan with lots of tourist destinations and delicious foods. Please visit the Yokohama Official Visitors' Guide for details on upcoming events, news, things to do, hotel, transportation, and further travel information.




Quick Info

As local chairs, we want to provide you some local tips for eating, socializing, touring and getting the best out of Yokohama before, during and after the conference.
Here are a few of our favorite travel sites that describe the “top things to do in Yokohama” (which can be useful if you are organising a family or social event) :


Concerning food, there are several nice options from okonomiyaki to western cuisine or sushi to yakitori. If you want to sample the flavors and styles of the real Yokohama, please see the official visitors guide that lists many of the best options for eating like a local. Alternatively, TripAdvisor has a broader set of suggestions, including fine dining, breakfast places, and cheap eats.
For shopping, there are many shopping malls and traditional Japanese shopping arcades. The official visitor's guide has information on department stores, discount shops, major electronics retailers and traditional shopping arcades. Of particular note are, Shōtengai (商店街) or "lively shopping arcade or street with all kinds of stores" which can be found across Yokohama.
Finally, you can easily reach Tokyo, Shibuya, and Akihabara. It takes less than one hour by train. You can find more information on the Tokyo Tourist Information website.



1. Minato Mirai 21 [みなとみらい21]

Minato Mirai 21, or simply Minato Mirai, is the developed area including conference venue. Several international companies have R&D center here. This area also has several sightseeing spots.

  • Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
  • Cup Noodle Museum
  • Yokohama Landmark Tower
  • and other shopping malls and museums
  • See more information and map at Minato Mirai 21 - Japan Guide


2. Motomachi and Chinatown [元町・中華街]

The last stop of Minato Mirai Line is Motomachi-Chukagai Station. “Motomachi” [元町] is the town of the southern part of the river, “Chukagai” [中華街] is Japanese of Chinatown spreads northern part of the river. After the opening of the country to the world, Motomachi and adjacent districts became the foreigners' residential districts. Buildings and streets in Motomachi are affected by modern Eastern culture. You will find the contrast of several cultures and different periods of history.


3. Sakuragi-cho and Noge [桜木町、野毛]

Noge is one of the old arcade and street areas, placed in the North part from Sakuragicho Station. You will find the cultural and local atmosphere of the arcades. Here are many small traditional and modern bars. Some bars are very small so you should keep standing while drinking or stand up for someone passing behind.


Food and Drink

As Yokohama port is one of the first ports opened after a long period of a policy of national seclusion, this area was developed with international trades and people worked for it. So you can expect not only Japanese food but also Eastern and Chinese foods.


  • Kyokarou [京華樓] Authentic Sichuan style restaurant
  • Pekinkayaten [北京烤鴨店] Famous restaurant for Beijing Duck
  • Touhokujinka [東北人家] North-eastern style Chinese restaurant


Sakuragicho, Noge

  • Sakura Taps [サクラ タップス] Craft beer bar with craft beers and apple ciders made in Japan
  • The list will be updated.


Tabelog is one of the biggest online restaurant guides in Japan. You can find some restaurants and bars from the links below.

  • Minato Mirai (conference venue) [link]
  • Yokohama station [link]
  • Motomachi, Chinatown [link]



Currency in Japan is called Yen, currency exchange with the dollar is around 100-110 JPY ≒ 1 USD. We have to prepare cash for local and small shops, bars or restaurants.

  1. Minato Mirai: Most of the restaurants in this area accept credit cards.
  2. Chinatown: Most of the restaurants in this area accept credit cards.
  3. Sakuragicho, Noge: Some of small restaurants and bars do NOT accept credit cards. Please prepare cash for payment.

Transportation: You can use prepaid IC cards for train, bus, and at convenience stores. There are two types of IC cards named SUICA and PASMO which have the same function but differently named by issuers. All train station sells it by machine.




By Train

Getting to Yokohama offers the best train plan from two Airports. Here, we show some recommendations for a train route if you want to get dinner or a small trip around Yokohama and Tokyo because the railway system in the Tokyo area is very complicated. You can find one station according to your destination.
Minato Mirai Station [みなとみらい駅]

  • 5-10 minutes by walk from the conference venue
  • Operated by Minato Mirai Line [route map]
  • Two stops away from Yokohama Station (190 JPY)
  • For Chinatown, you take a train bound for Motomachi-Chukagai and take off at the last stop (190 JPY)
  • Almost all train bound for Yokohama goes to Shibuya Station, Shinjuku-3-chome (nearby Shinjuku Station), and Ikebukuro
  • Please note that some trains stop on the way, so please take the next train.

Sakuragicho Station [桜木町駅]

  • 12-17 minutes by walk from the conference venue
  • Operated by JR Keihin-Tōhoku Line and Negishi Line
  • One stop away from Yokohama Station (140 JPY)
  • Some trains directly go to Tokyo, Shinagawa, Ueno, Hamamatsucho (transfer to Haneda airport monorail), Akihabara
  • Please note that one-third of trains go to very far other places “Hachioji” [八王子] (through Negishi Line) and another one stops at “Kamata” [蒲田] on the way to Tokyo area. It’s better to find and take a train bound for “Omiya” [大宮].


By Bus

Akai Kutsu”, which means red shoes, is a city loop bus through Minato Mirai and Chinatown. There are two routes named “Minato Mirai” and “Chinatown and Motomachi” route. The stop ‘M10’ is placed in front of the conference venue so you can take this bus to access the Minato Mirai area. Or, you can transfer another route at the stop Sakuragi-cho or Aka-Renga.

By Walk

The conference will be held in the spring, it is a good season for walking. Minato Mirai and Chinatown areas are well designed for pedestrians so you can enjoy walking around there.
From my experience, direct walking from the conference venue to Chinatown takes around one hour. Here are some routes for a walk.

  • Conference venue => Red Brick Warehouse => Yamashita Park => Chinatown
  • Conference venue => Sakuragicho Station => Noge area


By Ferry

If you have enough time, Yokohama Sea Bass is an alternative choice for the bus or train. Here is a route map on the second page [PDF]. There are four stops; East exit of Yokohama Station, MM21, Pier Aka-Renga (Red Brick Warehouse), and Yamashita Park. Please be careful about the low frequency of schedule, it is about once an hour.

  • From East Exit of Yokohama Station to MM21 (nearby conference venue)
    • 10 minutes, 400 JPY
  • MM21 (nearby conference venue) to Yamashita Park (nearby Chinatown)
    • 15 minutes, 400 JPY


Helpful shops

There are some shops where you can find useful items for your demonstration or presentation.

100 Yen shop

100 Yen shop (corresponds to one dollar shop) is a discount shop where you can buy many kinds of product including tools and stationary.


Two shops are placed nearby the conference venue.


Professional shop

If you are looking for a more professional shop, Tokyu Hands is the nearest and best department shop for you. Tokyu Hands Yokohama store places at Yokohama station. You can see some pictures of this guide. We often go to get those products; Stationary, General tools, Tape, Adhesive, Craft, Material, but very few electric tools and electric parts here.


Akihabara is still the best place for seeking for electric parts. We’ll update later if we find alternative places around Yokohama.

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