New Workflow for Publications

  • April 27, 2020

ACM LogoCHI 2021 is moving to the new ACM publication workflow. The motivation for this change is to support accessibility and multi-format representations. To that end, ACM decided to move to the new publishing culture that separates content from presentation. This change is required by the ACM and the CHI steering committee has adopted this ACM requirement.


This change impacts on all submission types across CHI. Our volunteers have developed this page on CHI Publication Formats to present some quick facts, details on the CHI 2021 Proceedings Format, the Extended Abstracts Format, Digital Accessibility and Contacts. In addition this page details the workflow involved and the rationale behind the change and its implications on, for example, page length counts. Finally, the page includes an FAQ which will be expanded as new questions and answers are developed. If the CHI Publication Format page and FAQ doesn't answer your question then please email the template chairs.


Thanks to the many CHI 2021 volunteers, including Technical Program Chairs, Accessibility Chairs, Papers Chairs, Template Chairs and the different track chairs who have developed these pages (e.g. with example papers) and incorporated these changes. We encourage everyone to visit the CHI Publication Formats page and to try the new ACM Master Article Templates.

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