A Call for Contributions from Past CHI SVs

  • July 10, 2020

To encourage participation and provide better awareness about what it is like to be part of the CHI SV program, the CHI 2021 SV Chairs are putting together a short video to showcase CHI SV experiences. This video will feature stories from past SVs, and contributions from the community are most welcome. Past SVs can contribute with photos, videos, and testimonials. 


In-conference photos & videos featuring CHI SVs: 

You can upload the photos or provide us the link to folder by filling in this form: 




  1. A short introduction about yourself including your name, affiliations, and your relationship with CHI SV. 
  2. What were your most memorable moments as a CHI SV? 
  3. Why would you recommend the CHI SV program to others? 

This can be done by either submitting a video recorded by yourself, via https://forms.gle/NLRmMSZuca7E5UHz5, or scheduling a 10 minutes interview with us. We will record the interview and edit it to put in the final video.


Materials will be accepted until July 21 2020.

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