Survey on a Hybrid Conference Format

  • October 30, 2020

Please refer to this more recent blog post on CHI 2021 which is now an online virtual conference. The following post was written on Oct 30th 2020 prior to the final decision to move CHI 2021 from a hybrid conference to a fully online virtual conference. 


As we noted in our last blog post, the CHI organization committee is exploring holding a hybrid conference. Changing the conference format implies changes in the overall CHI experience. This includes several fundamental decisions we have to make within the next month that we cannot make before involving the CHI community first.


The purpose of this post is to kindly ask you to participate in this survey:


The survey is designed to support us in planning the participation formats and the attendees' individual needs regarding their timings, inclusive participation, and accessibility. The more people in the HCI community participate, the better we can assess the viability of a potential hybrid format. Furthermore, it helps us to identify further requirements and enables us to tailor the tools we want to use to make CHI 2021 a successful conference.


Thanks to our Global Communities, Diversity and Inclusion Chairs, CHI Steering Committee members and more for their help in creating this survey. Aaron Quigley and Yoshifumi Kitamura, CHI 2021, General Chairs.

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