Happi Design Contest

  • January 13, 2021
Hello students in the CHI community,


While CHI2021 will be online, we are thrilled to announce that the Student Volunteer (SV) happi design contest (a) will still happen, and (b) is officially open! Following early announcements on the CHI 2021 Student Volunteering page, we will be having Japanese happi coats as the SV uniform this year, and we are very much looking forward to everyone's designs. If your design is selected, you get an SV spot, and SV happis with your design will be shipped from Japan to SVs around the world around conference time (barring any delays, cancellations or unexpected circumstances due to Covid-19).


This year the deadline is 23:59 AoE, Monday, February 14 2021. and your submissions should be sent to svchair@chi2021.acm.org with the subject: Happi Design Contest


Design details:


There are 10 happi colors available (shown in picture below): white, black, red, pink, orange, purple, navy, royal blue, green, yellow. The happi is one size (length: 85cm, width: 65cm, not including the sleeves), and comes with a black belt.



The pictures below show the print areas on the happi. On both the left and right chest area, there is a 10cm * 10cm area available for print. There is also print area available on the lapels, with each of them in 30 cm * 2.5cm. On the back of the happi, there is a big area for print, combining with three rectangle areas with 13cm * 28cm, 30cm * 28cm, and 13cm * 28cm size from top to down. Your printing design should be all in ONE color, which usually means a black or white design. The minimum line width is 1mm.



As for your design, you may want to connect your design to the original location of the conference (Yokohama, Japan), or not, it doesn't matter as long as it's respectful of local culture, fun, interesting, and can stand out a bit in the virtual crowd.

You can find the CHI 2021 logo design package here: [ai] [pdf]


For your inspiration, here are designs of previous CHI SV T-shirts, courtesy of our wonderful past chair Haley MacLeod:


Submissions details:

Mock-ups should be sent as PDF, JPG, or PNG in medium resolution. Please send us the front and back designs of the happi. Again, designs should be ONE color. If your design is selected as a winning design, we will require the final version in .eps or .ai format.


You may submit several designs or variations on a single design if you like.


Please follow the following naming convention for each of your designs: lastname_firstname_happidesign.<ext>


The deadline is 23:59 AoE, Monday, February 14 2021 to submit your designs to svchair@chi2021.acm.org with the subject: Happi Design Contest. We will select a winner in the weeks following the end of the contest and notify the winner as well as everyone who submitted designs.


We look forward to your creativity!


Bingjie Yu, Nicole Sultanum, and Xiyue Wang

SV Chairs CHI 2021

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