Hello Kitty and CHI2021 Face Mask - Merchandise at Registration

  • February 2, 2021

The CHI 2021 Communication chair team is very happy to announce the merchandise items this year! It was very unfortunate to us that we can not meet on-site, in-person in Yokohama. Instead, it would be a good idea to share our experience with the CHI 2021 items!


It is our honor to welcome the world-famous Japanese Kawaii (cute) culture icon of “Hello Kitty” to the list of merchandise items. The Hello Kitty Stuffed Toy comes with a CHI 2021 Japanese Happi coat; and the combination of Hello Kitty Stuffed Toy and this Happi coat is a very limited item.


In addition to the Hello Kitty Stuffed Toy, the CHI 2021 Face Mask is on the item list. It would be good to share your CHI 2021 experience at your own place by posting your photo online. One CHI 2021 Face Mask is included in your early registration fee, but it is limited to the first 1000 who take up early registration only. If you want it, you should make your registration within the early registration stage!


Likewise, you can only order the Hello Kitty Stuffed Toy (“Hello Kitty with the CHI2021 happi coat) of your own once you register!


Hello Kitty stuff toy with a CHI2021 happi coat

Hello Kitty Stuff Toy Front imageHello Kitty Stuff Toy back image

Hello Kitty Stuffed Toy: W170mm * H200mm * D80mm

CHI2021 happi coat front imageCHI2021 happi coat back image

CHI happi coat: W170 * H950

Happi coat on a plastic bottleHello kitty with CHI2021 happi coatHappi coat on a sanitizer

Examples use of CHI happi coats


CHI2021 Face Mask

CHI2021 Face Mask

* High quality, UV protection, cool contact feeling, washable, made in Japan

Size: Small / Medium / Large.

Pdf copies for fitting check - print those A4-sized pdf for better understanding of the size of the face mask: Small, Medium, and Large



During the global pandemic, we are making our best effort to ship face masks and Hello Kitty around the world. However, delays should be expected at this time.


Our aim is to get the face mask to those first 1000 who register early before CHI starts. Other items may take longer!

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