CHI 2021 Student Volunteers: Update on Duties and Benefits

  • February 7, 2021

As the conference approaches and after consultation with SV chairs at multiple virtual conferences, we are happy to announce more details on how the CHI 2021 SV program will run this year.


  • In line with past years, we are planning to recruit a total of 175 SVs to help out with the conference: that is, the same number of SVs working slightly less hours.
  • Duties should include about 15-20 hours of work, between May 7 and May 16, including a training session to take place sometime before May 7. Also note the calendar for SV duties will be extended (May 7-16, versus May 8-13), and that the conference this year will operate on a 24h schedule. We therefore welcome (and urge) SVs from all timezones to apply.
  • Duties may also include hours leading up to CHI given the special circumstances for CHI 2021.


In return for helping with the conference, SVs receive benefits including: 

    1. Free conference registration.
    2. Free SV happi coat to be shipped to SVs around the world (barring any covid-related restrictions for shipping).
    3. Two free CHI 2021 face masks each.
    4. A chance to win one of ten Hello CHItty.
    5. A virtual SV party to socialize with peers.

More benefits and events may be added later, so stay tuned!


As usual, please check the Student Volunteers page for more information about the SV selection process. You can enroll on for the CHI 2021 SV lottery. A reminder that the deadline for SV enrollment is March 1st 2021, with results announced by March 8th 2021 (but likely sooner). The Happi design contest is currently open for submissions, and will accept designs until February 14th.


Hope to e-meet you at CHI2021! 


CHI 2021 SV Co-Chairs, 

Nicole Sultanum, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

Bingjie Yu, University of Bath, Bath, UK

Xiyue Wang, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan (Local support chair)


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